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A growing formation community in the service of the poor

Pavel House 2019
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In 2013, the Assumptionists established Pavel House as a post-novitiate community  in a rented house in Barangay Marilag, Project 4, Quezon City in Metro Manila. Previously, Pavel House was a prenovitiate community. The Assumptionists called it Pavel House after one of the Bulgarian Assumptionist martyrs. Since 2013, the Brothers and prenovices of Pavel community have been involved through their apostolates in a poor neighborhood called Escopa.

On the picture, from left to right: Aspirant Raph; Fr. Jay Lituanas; Prepostulant Hearthro; Deacon Rex Navarro ; Prepostulant Engelbert; Bro. Matthew Okereke; and Bro. Joseph Son


A diversity of programs


dinner Pavel House 2019

As years went by, each community grew in numbers. In 2019, the necessity to reorganize the houses gave a new momentum to the residence named after the youngest Bulgarian Assumptionist martyr. First of all, a bigger space was needed to host the residence program for some students of ALC (Assumption Language College), additional Assumptionists joining the community and also Brothers in the Aspirancy Program which is on its first year of implementation. 


Extension in the residence of the CB Sisters 

gate pavel house 2019The AA brothers thus decided to rent an extension in the residence of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Charles Borromeo (CB Sisters). “We are in charge of a real mixture of programs and a very international group. It is an enriching experience. We are sometimes 30 for dinner!, explains Fr. Jay Lituañas, AA, responsible for the house. We also have challenges in sharing this space. Personally, I need to organize my time more efficiently as I have more responsibilities. As we share the same buildings, we must also be attentive to respect the boundaries with the Sisters. Lastly, as AA brothers, we need to preserve our community life. From our experience, it is necessary sometimes to have certain moments separately from the residents.”


A new community in preparation

The brothers are already working on a new project to expand the congregation’s presence in the South of the Philippines – a prenovitiate community. This has been a dream of the Assumptionists in Manila since their foundation in 2006 in the Philippines. More information will arrive in 2020…To be continued!

prayer Pavel House

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