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ALC celebrates International Day 2018

ALC International Day 2018
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As part of its 4th cycle’s line up of activities for its students, ALC holds every year a special International Day. This activity is a celebration where students showcase their cultures and traditions. This years celebration took place on November 5th.

Embracing Modernity, Redefining Tradition

The 2018 theme was Embracing Modernity, Redefining Tradition. Students gave five-minute cultural presentations in the form of songs, dances, or combinations of both. One group from Vietnam even did a variety show complete with skits and playing of a traditional musical instrument. “This is a very funny and worthwhile activity,” said Wang Peng, a brother from China.

A giant kimchi !

Students also shared different dishes and delicacies from their respective countries. As a highlight of this year’s program, students were divided into eight groups. Each group presented a cultural mascot that best represents their culture. This part, being also a competition, was won by South Korea with a student wearing a giant Kimchi. 

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