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ALC’s first step in Indonesia

ALC Indonesia 2019
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The Indonesian students are learning English to enhance their formation as religious. Here, taking a test in the Indonesian classrooom in Maumere.

As the Assumption Language College (ALC) in Quezon city thrives since its opening, ten years ago, recent developments have allowed to extend the school’s ambition overseas. A partnership program has recently been launched between ALC and the St. Camillus Student Center in Maumere, island of Flores, Indonesia. Two English teachers of ALC went to Indonesia on June 29 to take part in this new program.

The two teachers, Misha Borbon and Laica Baldeconza, will be in Maumere to teach English for three months. The program aims to help religious brothers, nuns, and priests basic skills in English in order for them learn further in an academic setting. Some learners who exhibit aptitude in learning the language will be recommended to take further English classes at ALC in Manila.

“It’s a very enriching experience for us young teachers because we are able to travel to this exciting place and to teach our learners a language that will be very important in their professional and spiritual development,” said Teacher Misha who teaches intermediate students.

“Our main challenge is adjusting to the quiet life here in Maumere, which is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Manila. The kind of students we have is nothing very different: luckily we have very curious and hardworking students like those we have in ALC Manila”, said Teacher Laica who teaches the beginner level students.

The provincial of Camillians, Fr. Luigi Galvani, is very thankful to ALC for allowing their expert teachers to come to Indonesia and spearhead the project. 

“English skills have become so indispensable for religious wanting to develop their knowledge of the faith as it is the language that serves as a medium for learning theology and philosophy of the Church, said John Ryan Recabar, the academic director of ALC. We look forward to having stronger ties with the Camillians and to have similar programs in the future.”

The program will conclude on the 17th of September, just before the 10th anniversary of ALC (September 19, 2019). A first step with high expectations. 

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