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The Assumptionists in the Philippines participate in various programs to fulfill their mission. They are involved amongst the poor and pass on God's Word in many ways.

According to the vision of their founder Emmanuel d’Alzon, Assumptionists pledge to live in communion with the poor. Their mission takes place in two urban poor communities of Metro Manila : Marytown and Escopa.

Apostolate visit sick Marytown

To fight against misery and precarity in the Philippines, the brothers lead development projects in Manila and in other islands, to the benefit of the poorest. To give a frame to their action, they created a non-governmental organization (NGO) : Kaloob.

All the community of the Augustinians of the Assumption in the Philippines promote the products of Bayard, especially “Living with Christ”. Furthermore, once a year, we present all the products during the Manila International Book fair.

We work with Assumption Language College (ALC) by providing scholarships for some Priests and religious from Asia Pacific (China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia…) offering housing for them too. Four times a year, at each end of the cycle, an educational trip organized with all the students and teachers of ALC

From the beginning of his work towards the poorest, father d’Alzon had the intuition to associate lay to his projects. In the Philippines as in all Assumptionist communities, this dream of the founder is becoming reality.