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Br. Eddy Gonzalez, may the Holy Spirit guide your journey

Ordination Eddy Gonzalez 2019
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On July 29, br. Eddy Gonzalez, AA, Guatemalan, was ordained to the diaconate by the most reverend Arturo Bastes, Bishop of Sorsogon, in Our Lady of Pentecost parish (Quezon City). An important step on his way towards priesthood, and preceding his departure for the AA Spanish community of Elche (Alicante) after 5 years of formation in the Philippines. Let us accompany him in prayer.

“Heavenly Father, since the time of the Apostles you have inspired the Church to commission certain members to assist in a special way in the pastoral mission of Christ. Bless our new deacon that he may be humble and faith-inspired in his service. We ask this through Christ, our Lord.”

Did you know?

There are three groups, or orders, of ordained ministers in the Church: bishops, presbyters (priests) and deacons. Functions of the deacon:

  • As ministers of Word, deacons proclaim the Gospel, preach, and teach in the name of the Church.
  • As ministers of Sacrament, deacons baptize, lead the faithful in prayer, witness marriages, and conduct wake and funeral services.
  • As ministers of Charity, deacons are leaders in identifying the needs of others, then marshaling the Church’s resources to meet those needs. Deacons are also dedicated to eliminating the injustices or inequities that cause such needs.

Deacons are ordained as a sacramental sign to the Church and to the world of Christ, who came “to serve and not to be served”. But no matter what specific functions a deacon performs, they flow from his sacramental identity. In other words, it is not only what a deacon does, but who a deacon is, that is important.

Pictures: Michael Reyes, Matthew-Mary S. Okereke, Clémentine de Layre (click on images to widen)

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