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“Challenges and newness of life”

2019 portrait Eddy Gonzalez
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On the 29 of July on the feast of St. Martha. I was blessed to be ordained as a Deacon by Bishop Bastes from Sorsogon. This was a moment of happiness and rejoicing with my brothers in community. Many congregations and guests were present. This call to service indeed brings a lot of challenges and newness of life. Because I was living in the Philippines for four years and then assigned to work in Spain. This means to let go and start anew, to meet new people, new apostolates, and culture. But I am sure that God continues doing His work in me. I also pray that by the Grace of God I can let the Holy Spirit guide me into the paths I am called to walk on. Without doubt my experience in the Philippines helped me to grow as a person and religious. It wasn’t easy but I am glad it happens, now is time to depart and discover new horizons. 

I am very grateful with my formators, superior, and fellow brothers for being part of my journey and my formation. I don’t say good bye this is only a temporary separation, because I bring many people and good memories in my heart. My only hope is that with the implementation of the Asian Vicariate God would send many vocations and people able to work for His mission in Asia. God is good and in his goodness he is always at work. 

I can only say thanks a million for so many blessings and your accompaniment, let’s pray for each other. May God accompany each one of us in our different endeavors. 

God Bless us all. 

Eddy Gonzalez, A.A.

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