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Communion with the poor

According to the vision of their founder Emmanuel d’Alzon, Assumptionists pledge to live in communion with the poor. Their mission takes place in two urban poor communities of Metro Manila: Marytown and Escopa.


For a decade now, the Assumptionists have strengthened the spirit of collaboration to the pastoral program of the Our Lady of Pentecost Parish. Through their mission of evangelization, the brothers help in creating a vibrant family spirit committed to Christ and the Church. Living in communion with the poor, they share their joy and hope, sorrows and anxieties. A way to build the community for the coming of the Kingdom in us and around us.

Ongoing programs: 

  • Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC): this program strengthens the parish community through concrete spiritual and pastoral activities accompanied by the brothers assigned to each group.
Apostolate visit sick Marytown
cathechism Marytown 2018
  • Catechism instruction: as “education in all forms”, the Assumptionists teach the principles of Christianity and Catholicism in collaboration with the programs of the parish catechesis. The aims are to rediscover the joy of believing and the enthusiasm for communicating faith
  • Pastoral care of the sick: after the Holy Mass every Sunday, the brothers visit the sick and elderly and give them communion. Visitation and the Eucharist bring hope to them and allow them to experience the love of Jesus through faith in action.
  • Formation of lay leaders: trained responsible lay people help the brothers to create a relevant and sustainable ongoing pastoral program with the help of Basic Ecclesial Community leaders. They focus on servant leadership skills and formation
  • Youth formation: Assumptionists also help the young people organizing projects so as to develop their sense of initiative, their ability to work as a team and their social awareness. The brothers progressively help them to awaken and affirm their commitment into the world as young Christians.
  • Formation of altar servers: initiated by the brothers, the Our Lady of Lourdes altar servers help the person in charge of the chapel. Gradually, young alter servers get a liturgical formation. Every Sunday, they meet for a prayer before the holy mass.
  • Collaborations for missions: AA take part into the social action organized to answer local issues. This mission creates mutual relationships between the community and the local government, the faithfuls, Marytown association which represents them and other religious groups.


Pavel house, the postulancy house of the Assumptionists, lies near Escopa. The postulants have an apostolate in this urban community under the parish of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The parish is composed of four barangays. They ensure a presence amongst the poor families, in coordination with lay people close to the community.

  • Celebration of the Holy Eucharist: after the celebration of the Holy Mass every Sunday, the brothers visit alleys and streets to preach the good news, visiting the sick and giving them Holy Communion. They also celebrate funeral and street masses in the community.
Apostolate Escopa 2018
Apostolates Escopa 2018
  • The breaking of the bread:  on Saturday and Sunday, the people of Escopa gather for the sharing of their experiences, through the Word of God.
  • Catechism and altar servers’ formation: children’s catechism takes place every Saturday afternoon alongside a feeding program. The altar servers are also given regular formation.
  • Livelihood seminars: through various initiatives, the brothers, in coordination with the local parish, extend their expertise and field of specialization by conducting seminars that include food processing, soap and detergent making, among others.