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First vows: five new AA brothers

First vows June 2019
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The Assumptionist communities of the Philippines have had the great joy to accompany five novices during their first vows ceremony, on last June 24. Each of a different nationality, they learned to live as brothers during a year, in the novitiate of Metro Manila. A time taken also to deepen their faith and discernment. Congratulations to Ethiel Canlas Roxas (Filipino), Kim Taesik (Korean), Rafael Huerta Ramos (Mexican), Kranthi Kumar (Indian) and Matthew-Mary S. Okereke (Nigerian)

Sent into the world

They have now been sent to different communities for the next steps of their formation.

  • Ethiel will study theology and Kranthi will study philosophy in Quezon City, Philippines.
  • Kim Taesik has finished his studies. He will be assigned a mission in his country, in the city of Gwang-Ju.
  • Rafael will study philosophy also in his country, in Mexico.
  • Matthew-Mary has already completed his studies, he will teach philosophy in Boston, US, and will apply to a specialization course.

May God bless them and guide them through their formation and their path as a religious!

Words of our brothers

"The profession is a deep and vivid response to imitate the One who first called the professed. In this special way, consecrated life gives witness that despite the depravity of our world, Christian perfection is a possibility.”
“As far as I feel, our Assumptionist community life and mission must come from the love of Jesus. Because of that, we can serve our brothers in the community as well as the Church, where Jesus Christ is at work for the salvation of mankind.”​
"Many of my friends, relatives and family members are asking me what made me decide to enter this life again. I have only one answer: Christ is calling me and I know He is the only answer to my search for meaning."

"One may think that in religious life we are obliged to be successful in what we’re meant to do or to be. However, in this world we cannot fully experience what heaven is nor imitate Christ completely. That is why we are called to be faithful, not successful."

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