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Inter-Asian coordination, Gwangju, Jan. 2019

korea meeting Vicariate January 2019
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The last meeting of this body created the following frontiers anchored from the General Chapter of 2011. On the agenda: the update on the work of the four working groups created by the Provincial (communication, training, finances and statutes) and the setup of the Vicariate on January 1st, 2020. After sharing the news from each of the three countries where Assumption is present in Asia since the last Coordination, the latter decided on the following steps to prepare for the setup of the Vicariate.

Priorities to implement

Communication between the Brothers of the future Vicariate is one of the priorities. To know the situation in each country and to follow the setup of the Vicariate, was thus decided on a newsletter: «Towards the Vicariate of Asia-Oceania» as well as the update of the Directory of the religious of the future Vicariate.

The other priority of the future Vicariate is formation, and in particular the formation of formators. A meeting of deacons and young priests in Asia is scheduled for November. During the summer, language sessions will be held in Vietnam and the Philippines. In the longer term, the creation of a CIFA (International Community on Assumptionist Formation) is envisaged in Manila.

The formation of the treasurers is urgent. The Finance working group will meet in Saigon from June 14 to 16 with a heavy agenda: sharing of experiences and practices, consolidation of the accounts of 2018 and budgets 2019, preparation of a mid-term plan, recommendation for the management of the finances of the future Vicariate.

Other projects underway

The last part of the Coordination meeting was an opportunity to share some updates, in the form of working papers, on other realities that the first Vicar will find on his table taking his duties: Bayard in Asia, Africa-Asia links, Volunteers, New foundations, Language learning, Pilgrimages and customary laws. For each working paper, a working body has been designated to monitor the work.

“While awaiting the consultation for the Vicar in October, let us continue to create ties and transcend borders,” concluded Benoît Bigard, Provincial of Europe, while Benoît Grière, our Superior General, sent us in mission:

“A new stage in the development of Assumption in Asia begins. […] The model is not definitive. We’re at a stage. We all have to mobilize to make this stage a success. […] The path will be rough, but with a beautiful hope. As long as we return to the fundamentals of our lives: following Christ. »
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