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Kaloob Development Office Foundation Inc.

To help adress and alleviate situations of poverty in the Philippines, the assumptionist brothers lead development projects in Manila and in other islands, to the benefit of the poorest. To give a frame to their action, they created a non-governmental organization (NGO) : Kaloob.

Kaloob : towards a just and humane society

Created in 2007 by the Augustinians of the Assumption in the Philippines, Kaloob is a non-governmental organization recognized by the state. The Foundation helps the poorest, especially the victims of natural disasters. Kaloob supports the idea of a fairer society in which everyone should be able to live with dignity by having a roof, access to healthcare, drinking water and education.

Kaloob’s motto is “Forming leaders and building communities”. Assumptionists and volunteers who accompany them help the people to become self-sufficient, responsible and dynamic, and part takers of the building of God’s Kingdom.

Solidarity Kaloob housing

Projects in Piat and Tacloban

Kaloob is fully involved with the residents of Piat and Tacloban, two areas particularly ravaged by typhoons in the last decades. It has already built houses and has allowed many families to be relocated to safer areas.

What we have done so far :

  • 92 Houses built
  • 31 graduated scholarship students
  • Nearly 100 families relocated
  • Individual sanitary facilities installed in Tacloban
  • A water tank created (Piat)

The Assumptionists need you to be part of the ongoing projects for the better future of the people who are entrusted to their care.

Solidarity Kaloob 2018