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Our mission and spirituality

Faithful to their founder and out of love for Jesus Christ, the Assumptionists work toward the coming of the Reign of God in ourselves and around us.

Adveniat Regnum Tuum –
Thy Kingdom Come!

The Assumptionists exist for the coming of the Kingdom, wherever God is threatened in man and man threatened as the image of God.

The brothers hold from their founder the conviction that the Gospel is the path of humanity and a factor of social transformation. Through their works, they seek to respond to the present needs of men and the Church. They are animated by the project to promote all men and women in righteousness, love and truth.

Men of prayer

Daily personal and communal prayer open the soul to God’s action. It is the ever-refreshing fountain of apostolic action. The prayer is nourished by the Word of God, particularly through the meditation of the sacred scriptures, the celebration of the divine office and the liturgy. Its center is the Eucharist.

Prayer Adveniat 2018
common life summer camp 2016

Life as a brotherhood

Whatever the country, the language or the culture of origin, the brothers live together under one roof. Following the rule of Saint Augustin, they privilege common life for prayer, meals, work and recreation. They strive to be of one mind and heart, intent on God. A shared life which is characterised by frankness, cordiality and simplicity.

Serving the Church and the world

From the very beginning, the Assumptionists placed a particular emphasis on work for unity and relations with the Eastern Churches, on fostering vocations in the Church and on the communication of the Christian message through social work, the media, preaching and teaching. Some of the brothers are teachers, engineers, workers, journalists, social workers; others are missionaries, pilgrimage directors, hospital chaplains, parish priests… From theological research to foreign missions, they are involved in a great variety of apostolic works for the coming of the Reign of God. 

Prayer in Marytown