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Vietnam: Journey to God

AA in Vietnam - pilgrimage 2018
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Following the spirituality of the Assumption, our communities in Vietnam have been existing for more than ten years now.  We have exerted great efforts and with the grace of God our five communities have become places for many apostolic works for the youth and the elder members of the local church.

Pilgrimages? Does it make sense at all?

I would like to share my thoughts about the pilgrimage ministry that we can possibly work on together in the near future. Pilgrimages? Does it make sense at all? It does make sense because it is one of the early works of the congregation. 

AA vietnam pilgrimage 2018

From the beginning, it is one of the missions of our congregation. Currently, the Vietnamese brothers received and organised pilgrimage programs with the number of 500 pilgrims to 600 pilgrims each year. This work of the brothers and sisters accompanies the pilgrims back to Our Lady of Tapao in Phan Thiet province and Our Lady of Lavang in Hue, and the holy places recognised by the church. During the pilgrimage we bring many patients, Catholic devotees back to religion; many families are healed and many pagans follow Christianity. Therefore, pilgrimage has been one of the successive steps of the missions of our congregation in Vietnam. 

AA Vietnam pilgrimage 2018

A collaborative work

Through our pilgrimage ministry, we think that we can collaborate and work with our brothers in the vicariate of Asia and Oceania. Sustained by the charism of the congregation, a pilgrimage brings many people back to the Lord and gives people meaningful days with God and the Holy Mother of Christ – Mary. This mission requires each of us to work together with a specific program and have a 3-months program preparation. Through this, we will have better working partnerships to accompany the people in knowing, loving and eventually serving God and the Church in general. 

What do we hope to achieve

The implementation of the above-mentioned pilgrimages with all the brothers will be successful through commitment and constant search for the will of God for us. Looking to the future, we can work together and thus will yearn the best possible results. 

AA Vietnam pilgrimage 2018

Through the intercession of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mother of God and with the inspiration of our Father St. Augustine, and moved by the examples of our Father Founder, Emmanuel d’Alzon, we may be able to bring back to the fold those who have strayed away from us giving them the opportunity of renewal and commitment to the building of the Kingdom in us and around us. We can achieve best when we are together. What binds us is stronger than that which separates us.

AA Vietnam pilgrimage 2018
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