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Vocation and discernment

Vocation discernment consists of discovering how God invites a person to self-giving into the world. A process that implies developing relationship with God to better answer His call.

Make one’s talents serve the world

How God might be calling me to put myself at the service of others? This is the question of vocation. God doesn’t call a person to become someone else. Instead God lovingly calls her/him to be the best version of herself/himself, giving gifts to the world in the same way Jesus did. One’s unique skills, personality, own distinctive personal history and background shape the way a person sees the world and what she/he can offer to it.
Br Rommel Piat 2018

Develop a relationship with God

Discerning our vocation means discovering how God invites each person to live out the gift of who they are in the world. Discernment is about developing a relationship with God such as:

  • see one’s life as God sees it
  • desire for one’s life what God wants for each person.

Discernment helps to become more attentive to what is going on in daily life, to deeper desires and hopes, as well as reactions or responses to the surrounding world. A relationship with God is the context of discernment and the foundation of a vocation. So, as one begins discerning, it is important to live a full Christian life.

What is a call? How to receive it and how to answer it? How to discern? Check the elements of answer given by Pope Francis in his message during the 55th World Day of Prayer for vocations:

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