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Assumptionists in the Philippines

The Augustinians of the Assumption (AA) – or Assumptionists – is a congregation of catholic religious men (brothers and priests) founded in France in 1845. They came to the Philippines in 2006. Nowadays, AA in the Philippines gather 25 religious of different nationalities.

A Growing Community

In 2000s, young Filipinos went to the United States to discover the Augustinians of the Assumption congregation and become Assumptionists. The group had to wait until the 2005 General Chapter for a decision to be made until the Chapter decided the birth of a new community. A year later, a community was founded by the Assumptionists in the Philippines. On January 25th 2006, a French (Father Bernard Holzer), a Canadian (Father Gilles Blouin), a Congolese (Father Jean-Marie Adubango Chuvi) and two Filipinos (Brothers Alex Castro and Clemente Boleche) opened the first house in the Philippines. As a spiritual symbol, the inauguration date is set on the anniversary of Saint Paul’s conversion.

Presently, Augustinians of the Assumption run three houses in Metro Manila (Luzon island) and Davao (Mindanao island – as of 2019), corresponding to the formation stages. They gather 25 religious and ten nationalities.

  • Adveniat Community, house of the students in theology and the birthplace of the Filipino apostolates
  • Father Emmanuel d’Alzon Novitiate Community
  • Pavel Community, the postulancy house (in Davao as of 2019)

noviciate assumptionists 2016

A diversified apostolate

Faithful to their founder, Emmanuel d’Alzon, the fathers and brothers are involved in many activities:

Mary Town and Escopa : apostolate towards the poorest in urban poor communities

Kaloob, a non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to humanitarian help and development programs

Assumption Language College (ALC), a school to learn languages

Bayard, a publishing house with Living with Christ as flagship product

Coming together: Vicariate of Asia & Oceania

In 2020, the Philippine Territory will become part of the Asia-Oceania Vicariate together with the Assumptionists from South Korea, Vietnam and New-Zealand.